2-Day Ayurveda Body Massage Practitioner Diploma Course inc. Anatomy and Physiology ~ £695 | £470 with existing A&P qualification
Installment option available for this package - pay half on booking, and the balance one week before the course date 

This course, which we believe is the most straightforward and accessible of its kind,  introduces the art of Ayurvedic body massage – Indian Body Massage, to put it simply.  The course is suitable for beginners, who will need to do our Guild-accredited A&P course first, as well as 
for existing therapists who have A&P as a simple two-day add-on course.  After being awarded this Diploma students will be able to obtain insurance to practice Ayurvedic Body Massage professionally.

Massage is part of normal family life in India, and is used as part of natural healthcare, in order to maintain good health and help keep fit and supple. In India, there are many different styles of massage, using oils, herbal pastes and powders.  However, Ayurvedic massage isn’t a clinical treatment, and learning the basics of Ayurvedic massage with natural oils is straightforward and enjoyable.

Ayurveda means ‘the wisdom of life’ and is the name given to an ancient Indian system for achieving and maintaining optimum health and balance.  Ayurveda has several arms – yoga, herbs, diet, essential oils and massage. In India, Ayurvedic doctors train for many years to diagnose and treat imbalances and illnesses, and this traditional form of healing is used alongside orthodox, Western medicine.

Yoga teachers will find Ayurvedic Massage a useful addition to their skillset and could go on to learn Indian Head Massage or Thai Foot Massage too, in order to offer a range of treatments to complement their yoga teaching.

On our Ayurvedic Body Massage course you will learn:
  • Anatomy & Physiology (if you haven’t already done a recognised course)
  • Background to Ayurveda – elements, doshas and koshas, the gross and subtle energies, the causes of imbalance and ill health
  • How to analyse a client’s constitution and balance their energies
  • The main chakras, energy channels or nadis and energy or marma points
  • The use of oils in Ayurvedic Massage
  • Ayurvedic Massage techniques
  • Ayurvedic Massage routine for use with clients
 The A&P element is online and you can start straight away and complete it in your own time. The Ayurveda Massage practical course is two days, and assessment is straightforward – you do a short test in class, and carry out a client consultation and the full massage routine on a partner.

PLEASE NOTE – students must have passed the online Anatomy & Physiology course before attending the 2-day practical part of the course.

Duration: Two days and home study OR two days with existing A&P qualification.
Entry requirements: Interest in full body therapy
Accreditation:  The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists and The Guild of Holistic Therapists
Continuous Professional Development:  This course has been awarded 25 CPD points
Venue: Sussex