2-Day Holistic Body Massage Practitioner Diploma Course with Anatomy & Physiology - £550 | £350 with existing A&P qualification
Two day course and online home study

This holistic massage practitioner diploma includes our popular accredited Anatomy and Physiology online home study course followed by a 2-day practical, assessment and short test.  The course notes will be sent to you so that you can study and complete the required test before you attend on the course dates.  The course will include the theory required to become a professional massage therapist, including consultation, contra-indications, aftercare and the history and benefits of massage.  

Holistic (or Swedish) Massage involves the manipulation of the body’s soft tissue (the skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments) using the hands in a gentle, flowing massage technique that uses varying degrees of pressure and stretching movements. It is most commonly used for relaxation, improving well-being and lymphatic drainage.   This course is a Full Body Holistic Massage Practitioner’s Diploma Course, and is designed for those who wish to become professional massage therapists.  After being awarded this Diploma, students will be able to obtain insurance to practice full body Holistic/Swedish Massage professionally.

Course content:

o Hygiene, health and safety
o Relevant anatomy and physiology
o Products and equipment required
o Consultation procedures
o Contra-indications to treatment
o Benefits of massage
o History of massage
o Massage sequence
o Client aftercare
o Test of knowledge
o Practical assessment

PLEASE NOTE – students must have passed the online Anatomy & Physiology course before attending the 2-day practical part of the course, so there are no scheduled dates. Once the A&P qualification has been awarded we will arrange dates for the practical.  As dates are specially arranged to suit you, you will need bring someone with you to practice on for both dates. 
Students with an existing A & P qualification - which we will need to see evidence of - can book the 2-day practical as a stand-alone course for £320.

Duration: Two days and home study 
Entry requirements: Interest in holistic body massage therapy
Accreditation:  The Guild. BABTAC, PEP,
Venues: Richmond, SW London